Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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(Gordon) A man (57) has been rushed to the Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital after he was shot in the neck during a house robbery.Accordi­ng to information, the man was alone at his smallholding in Dorothy Road inHeuningklip when the attack took place.
Officer Ngwenya police spokesperson says four suspects entered the premises and shot the man in the neck.
The condition of the man is not yet known.

Die oom wat geskiet is word nou weer om 3 uur geopereer. Koeël is nie verwyder nie. Hulle gaan pyp insit om normaal asem te haal en bloed uit longe dreineer.

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Sunette Bridges

21 Days, 43 Attacks, 65 Victims, 2 Raped, 9 Murdered! ..11 Farm attacks.

But hey, no need to worry! The liberals say this is just normal crime and I should take a chill pill! Sx

*1 May - Christo Viljoen (47) was shot through his neck in Bultfontein by 3 black men.

*1 May – Babs Roos (70) was attacked in her home in Klerksdorp. She was assaulted, robbed and murdered.

*1 May – Heleen Robberts
e (74) was attacked, tied up, bitten and robbed in her home in Sonlandpark. Her leg was severely injured and she has to receive ARV’s because one of the attackers bit her in order to remove her jewelry from her vingers.

*2 May – A 60-yeard old lady was attacked and murdered in her Greenhills home. Her 89-year-old mother-in-law was severely assaulted by 3 black men.

*3 May – Alex Walkinshaw, his partner Lindie and 11 year old daughter Jayden were attacked and severely assaulted in their Pretoria home by 5 black men.

**4 May - Elderly Roux-couple, 74 & 71, were attacked on their Piet Retief farm by a gang of black men wielding pangas.

*5 May – Two young girls were attacked with pangas by 3 black men while visiting the Lowveld Botanicaal Gardens
*5 May – Janine van Rensburg (38) was murdered in Oudshoorn.

*5 May – Sampie van Aardt was severely injured during a botched highjacking. He was beaten up and stabbed with a screwdriver by a gang of black men near Brits.

*6 May – Ryan McCrae (24) was attacked an assaulted near his parents home in Bloemfontein. His attackers attempted to strangle him before robbing him en fleeing.

**6 May - Martin Coetsee (67) was attacked on his farm in Makwassie by a gang of black men. He was severely injured, beaten and dragged around his house by his ears. He is still in intensive care.

*6 May - Juliette Rutte (62) was attacked and beaten in her home in Northclliff, Johannesburg.

**7 May – Peter Hackland (61) was murdered on his farm in Ixopo in Natal. His daughter and mother were also hurt during the attack.

*8 May – Daan and Erka Rosseau were murdered in their home in Wellington. They suffocated to death when their attackers put plastic bags over their heads.

*9 May – Gerald Carey was attacked and severely beaten with a baseball bat by 2 police officers because he refused to pay them a bribe.

*9 May – Clive and Vicky were attacked and severely injured on their Small holding in Kraaifontein in die Western Cape.

*9 May – A man was held up in Vredekloof by 2 attackers. He was badly beaten and his jaw and cheekbone were shattered.

*10 May – A 22-year old woman was beaten and raped by 4 black men in police uniform and vehicle near Kempton Park. Police are denying any responsibility and claims it is a gang they have now dubbed “The blue light gang”.

*10 May – A man and his disabled son were attacked by 3 black men in their Centurion home. They were both brutally assaulted and the 35-year old son was shot in his face.

*10 May – Nick Reynders (59) and his son, Dawid (38) were highjacked at their home in Witbank. They were taken away in different directions by the group. Nick was severely assaulted and escaped by pretending to be dead. His son was dragged behind the vehicle and stabbed 12 times. He is in hospital.

*11 May – Vernon Grant (95) was attacked, tied up and robbed in his Port Elizabeth home by 3 black men.

*11 May – Gerhard du Preez (71) was attacked and hit in his face with a block of cement by a black man he had just offered a job. He is still in hospital in a very serious condition.

*11 May – Gus Silber (56), his wife and two daughters were attacked, tied up, held up with guns and robbed in Northcliff.

*12 May – Hein van der Merwe (22) cyclist was pushed off the road and assaulted by 3 black men in suits and a diplomatic vehicle.

**12 May – At and Winifred Janse van Rensburg were attacked on their farm in Buffelspoort by a gang of black men who ambushed them when they returned home. They were severely injured. Winifred is still in intensive care and suffered a fractured scull and has bleading on the brain.

*13 May - Tom Pieterse was attacked in his home in the town of Makswassie.

*14 May – Cathy Stander was attacked at her Blanco home while her husband was out jogging. She was held up with a knife and robbed of a laptop.

*14 May – Fred van den Bergh (58) and his wife, Cosette (55) were attacked in their Faerie Glen home. Fred was shot dead and his wife badly beaten.

*15 May – 20-year-old girl raped during an attack at her parents’ home in Glenvista.

**16 May – Farm attack on Kobus Bester on his farm Steekbokfontein in Koster.

*16 May – Frank de Bie (67) was attacked in his home in Boksburg. His was stabbed in his shoulder and arm. Hit over the head and tied up. His dog was shot and he was robbed.

**17 May – Johnny Nelson and his wife attacked on their farm in Broedersput. Johnny was badly injured and in hospital.

*17 May – William Sharman was shot and killed by 4 black attackers in New Germany for his lunch box…

**17 May – Les an Gale Adlam attacked on their farm on Balmoral road. Both badly injured. Les still unconscious.

*17 May – Pieter and Lena Theunissen were attacked, badly injured and robbed in Sabie.

*17 May – Ferdie Richards was Highjacked near Bronkhorstspruit by 4 black males. He was severely injured, tied up and dumped in the veld.

**17 May – Ben Pieterse found 3 black men in his daughter’s house on their farm near Rustenburg. When he surprised them he was shot in his leg but managed to take the weapon and shoot one of the attackers.

**18 May – A farmer and his family were attacked in their home by 2 black men while having supper. They managed to overpower their attackers. 1 Fled, but the other is in hospital.

*19 May - Francois le Grange (51) was murdered in his home in Les Marias, Pretoria. His was beaten to death with a stone and his car was stolen.

*19 May – Karen Daley (43), her son Matthew (13), husband Mark (47) and Mother Elly (72) were attacked in their home in Glen Hills. They were held at gun point, Karen was groped and het mother kicked in the stomach while being robbed.

*20 May – A 57-year-old white man was attacked in his home in Dorothy Raod, Heuningklip, by 4 black attackers. He was shot through the neck. His current condition is not known.

**21 May – Gerhard Coetzee and his wife were attacked on their farm near Sudwala. Gerhard was severely injured and taken to hospital. The 5 attackers fled with 2 hunting rifles and a 9mm pistol.

**21 May – PJ Hassard was attacked on his farm in Hluhluwe in KZN by 5 black men. He was shot and is currently in hospital.

Farm attacks worst in Gauteng

Farm attacks worst in Gauteng

Johannesburg - Gauteng is the most dangerous province in the country in terms of farm attacks, according to a new book released on Thursday.
Nearly 20% (about 663) of the 3 319 farm attacks recorded in the country between 1990 and 2012 occurred in Gauteng, according to publishing company Kraal Uitgewers.
Within the rest of the country, 15.3% of attacks happened in Mpumalanga, 15.2% in the North West, and 12.7% in Limpopo.
The Free State recorded 11.8%, KwaZulu-Natal 11.5%, the Eastern Cape 7% and the Western Cape 4.7%.
The Northern Cape was the safest province, with only 1.6% of farm attacks happening in the province.
The study is included in a book called Treurgrond: Die Realiteit van Plaasaanvalle [Place of Sorrow: The Reality of Farm Attacks] 1990-2012, released on Thursday.
Kraal Uitgewers said the figures were based on the number of attacks in each province, and were not related to the number of residents or the number of farms or smallholdings in the provinces.
The study found an average of three attackers were involved in each case. In some attacks there were as many as 10 assailants.
According to the book, 42.6% of farm attack victims were aged 61 or older.
People 51 and older represented 62.7% of all victims.
The book was compiled by Dirk Hermann, deputy general secretary of trade union Solidarity, Ilze Nieuwoudt from the union's publishing house Kraal Uitgewers, and Chris van Zyl from the Transvaal Agricultural Union.