Friday, June 7, 2013

Sunette Bridges

This is what the first week of June had in store for White South Africans...

7 Days, 17 Attacks, 31 Victims, 3 Murdered, 2 Raped, 4 Farm Attacks.

*1 June 2013: Frankfort – Free State: A woman was attacked, assaulted and raped in her home in Reenen Street by 2 Black men.

*1 June 2013: Westville, Natal: Freddie Lewis, his wife and 2 daughters were attacked in their home by 6 Black men. Freddie was shot 3 times but managed to get the attackers out of his house. He is currently in hospital.

*1 June 2013: Bloemfontein, Free State: Laure Amicke was attacked near the Waterfront by 2 Black men. She was robbed and stabbed in her back and suffered damage to her lung.

*1 June 2013: Durban, Natal: A young man named Trevor was highjacked and beaten over the head with a panga. The attackers stole is cellphone and wallet and left him in the car for dead. He is currently in a critical condition in Glenwood Hospital.

*1 June 2013: Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng: A 54-year-old man, his wife and 28-year-old son were attacked in their home in George Grey Street by 3 Black men. The man was shot and his son beaten over the head with a metal object. The wife sustained no injuries but was also admitted to hospital and treated for severe shock.

*1 June 2013: Sun Valley, Gauteng: A group of friends were attacked in the home of their host in Stirrup Road by 2 Black men while having a braai. One of the guests was shot and is currently in Sunninghill hospital. The others were tied up, beaten and robbed of their cellphones.

*1 June 2013: Fochville, Gauteng: Albert van Emmenis, an elderly farmer, was attacked by 3 black men on his farm. He was beaten over the head with a metal rod and suffered a broken arm. Nothing was stolen. His wife discovered him in his workshop.

*3 June 2013: Queenstown, Eastern Cape: Dudley Buss (67) was murdered on his farm and stuffed into a freezer. One of his attackers has been arrested. He was found in an informal settlement nearby.

*3 June 2013: Boksburg, Gauteng: Michael Zafiris (42) was higjacked and murdered. His body was found in the veld in Blesbokspruit in Springs.

*3 June 2013: Brits, Northwest: Elderly farmer, Gert Fourie and his wife, Elsa, were attacked on their farm, Magalieskruin by 3 black men. They were severely beaten and Gert suffered head injuries inflicted with a metal object.

*4 June 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: A family was attacked on Plot 40 Wattle Street, Swasina Park, at 5am by 3 Black men. They were tied up, beaten and their car was stolen.

*5 June 2013: Brits, Northwest: Baby Jordaan (79) was attacked and beaten in her home in Bokkiepark by 2 Black men.

*5 June 2013: Nelspruit, Mpumalanga: A 70-year-old farmer was attacked in his home. He is badly bruised but managed to keep his cellphone hidden from his attackers and while they were busy elsewhere in his house, me managed to call for help. The attackers fled when they heard the vehicles approaching.

*6 June 2013: George, Western Cape: Jan Barendse (73) was attacked in his home and stabbed 5 times. He was discovered in a pool of blood in front of his bathroom. He is in a critical condition in George Mediclinic.

*6 June 2013: Springbok, Northern Cape: A 73-year-old woman was brutally attacked and raped in her home.

*6 June 2013: Centurion, Gauteng: Hanu Krause was attacked by Black men. He was stabbed and beaten and is currently in the Unitas Hospital. He suffered a concussion and several stab wounds.

*7 June 2013: Natal: The body of Mr. Koen, who went missing a couple of days ago, was found this morning. He was murdered. (Still awaiting more detail.)

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