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Sunette Bridges News Page

Sunette Bridges News Page


AUGUST Attacks: 64 Attacks, 105 Victims, 9 Raped, 24 Murdered.

*2 August 2013: Port Shepstone, Natal: An elderly woman was attacked while asleep in her Port Shepstone home at around 2am by 3 black men. The men demanded money and covered the woman's head with a pillow. She sustained a cut from a knife when she defended herself. The men also attempted to rape her, but were unsuccessful. The woman was taken to hospital.
The men fled with several items from the house.

*2 August 2013: Wildernis, Western Cape: A 25 year old girl was robbed and tied up in her parents' home. Two men attempted to rape her, but had to flee when they couldn't keep her quiet. The men are still at large.

*3 August 2013: Krikwood, Eastern Cape: Billy Nel (81) and his wife Toekie (82) were attacked on their farm by an 18-year-old black man at 9pm. Billy was stabbed with a knife and Toekie was assaulted. Billy managed to grab hold of his gun and shot the attacker in the arm, detaining him until police arrived.

*3 August 2013: Pietermaritzburg, Natal: Craig Botha was shot at the Rocca Bar by a coloured bouncer. He was hit in his stomach and died from his injuries after being admitted to hospital.

*3 August 2013: Parys, Free State: A 40-year old mother was attacked in her home by 3 black men. Her children were bound and all 3 attackers raped her. They stole some household goods and tried to steel her car. When it wouldn’t start, they forced her to help them push it.

*3 August 2013: Ohrigstad, Mpumalanga: An elderly couple and 2 of their guests were attacked on their game lodge, Tholo by 3 black men. They were assaulted and tied up for more than 2 hours. 

 *3 August 2013: Ermelo, Mpumalanga: An elderly woman was shot during a highjacking in front of the De Bruyn Park Café at 9pm. She is in a stable condition in hospital.

*5 August 2013: St Winnifreds, Natal: The Potgieter-family was attacked in their home by 3 black men at 2.45 am. The attackers stabbed the mother, Jenny and then her son Morne (20). Morne warded off the attack with a baseball bat. Dave Potgieter was stabbed several times. His lungs were damaged and he is in ICU. The family dog was stabbed and died. The attackers fled with 2 cellphones.

*5 Augusts 2013: Heidelberg, Gauteng: Gerrit Myburgh (79) was tortured with a hot clothes iron, boiling water and strangled to death with his clothes by 3 black men, one of which was his gardener, on his smallholding. They stole 3 weapons and his car.

*5 August 2013: Kuruman, Northern Cape: Jan du Toit was stabbed 5 times by a gang of black attackers when leaving a store in town. They attempted to steel his wallet and cellphone.

*6 August 2013: Germiston, Gauteng: Attie Cronje was shot and killed during a highjacking.

*6 August 2013: Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng: Teresa Hammond (43) was shot and a guest, Derick Lidston, was brutally assaulted during an armed robbery at her home at 1.30 am when 8 armed black men broke in, held her, her children aged 13 and 5, and her guests, Derick and Michelle Lidston, hostage and robbed them of wallets, cellphones and jewelry.

*6August 2013: Margate, Natal: Janetta van der Walt (60) was raped, stabbed and strangled to death at her home in Margate. The murderer took only a cellphone.

*6 August 2013: Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng: Hennie Bentley (73) was shot and died on Friday 9 August during a farm attack. 4 Black men stormed the farmhouse, armed with a pistol, hammers and a sock filled with stones. They assaulted several family members, 2 of which are still in hospital with serious head injuries. 

 *9 August 2013: Potchefstroom, Northwest: A 20-year-old White Student from Namibia was highjacked and kidnapped by a gang of black men. They held her captive for 10 hours and assaulted and gang-raped her. She managed to escape and seek help.

*10 August 2013: Kakemas, Northern Cape: Schalk (95) and Ruth Burger were attacked in their home. They were both stabbed with knives and brutally assaulted. They are both in hospital. Schalk died on 22 August.

*11 August 2013: Newcastle, Natal: Timothy Green (44) was ambushed, shot and killed when he stopped to open the gate to his farm.

*11 August 2013: Oranjeville, Free State: Vivien Ponte (57) was murdered in her home on a smallholding by 4 black men. She was raped, tortured, tied to her bed and set alight.

*11 August 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eatern Cape: A mother and her 12-year-old son were attacked, assaulted, tied up and robbed in their home in Little Chelsea by 5 black men.

*11 August 2013: Bulwer, Natal: Michael John Poval (81) wat attacked at his home by 5 black men. He was robbed, stabbed to death and stuffed into the trunk of his car. His body was only discovered the next day.

*12 August 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: Elderly couple, Wykie and Marthina Swanepoel were attacked when arriving at their home by a gang of black men. They were severely assaulted and abducted. They had 2 small grandchildren with them. They were left on a deserted rubbish dump where they had to spend the night, injured and trying desperately to keep their grandchildren warm. They were only found the next morning.

*12 August 2013: George, Western Province: A 36-year-old women was attacked and raped by 2 Black men while she was outside hanging her laundry. They ran off with R2000 stolen from her home. 

 *12 August 2013: Volksrust, Mpumalanga: An 83-year-old Grandmother was attacked in her home by a Black man. She was brutally assaulted and raped and lay naked on her kitchen floor for more than 2 hours before she could summon the strength to call for help.

*12 August 2013: Oribi, Natal: Johanna Nell (62) was attacked in the driveway of her home by a Black man. She was hit over her head with a brick and her attacker tried to strangle her. He was disturbed by a neighbor and ran off.

*13 August 2013: Nigel, Gauteng: Pedro Nortje (50) was attacked in his home at 2am in the morning by 4 armed black men. He was tied up and shot in the abdomen. He underwent emergency surgery and is in a critical condition.

*13 August 2013: Randfontein, Gauteng: Johnny 'Tjoppie' Meyer was shot dead by a gang of 5 armed black men when he arrived home with his wife this afternoon. The gang followed them home from the bank and when they stopped at the gate to collect the mail, he was shot in his forehead.

*13 August 2013: Naboomspruit, Limpopo: An elderly White woman was assaulted and highjacked in front of the ABSA bank. The Black attacker forced her into her LDV and drove off with her. She was dropped on the side of the road some distance from town.

*14 August 2013: Roodepoort, Gauteng: Mr. Thompson (69) was bludgeoned to death in his Sarah Street home by 2 black men attempting to rob him.

*14 August 2013: Nelspruit, Mpumalanga: Andre Malherbe and his wife were attacked by 3 Black men at their Hilltop home at 3am. The attackers tried to force open the door after breaking open the security gate. Andre was shot in the hip while trying to keep the door shut. The attackers ran off when the neighbors started shooting at them.

*15 August 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: The body of off-duty cop, Wilhelm Pretorius (36) was discovered in the bushes near the black township of Motherwell after he had been reported missing earlier in the day. He was shot dead and his car was stolen. 

 *15 August 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: Ary van Onselen was found, barely alive, in the bushes near the Black Township of Motherwell. He had been stabbed 22 times in the chin, chest and upper body. He is in a critical condition in hospital. His motorbike was stolen, but later found in Utenhage.

*16 August 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: Johan Botha (51) was shot dead by an armed black man when he came across 2 black men busy robbing his cousin’s place of business. They ran off taking nothing.

*16 August 2013: Burgersfort, Mpumalanga: Lee Colin Barnard was highjacked by a gang of black men. They drove around with him for hours, assaulted him and cleaned out his bank accounts. They eventually tied him up and left him on the side of the road.

*16 August 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: A paramedic was abducted, assaulted and robbed when he met clients who wanted to buy his VW Caravelle. He was later found in an open field near the Motherwell township.

*16 August 2013: Witbank, Mpumalanga: Willem Swanepoel and his wife were attacked on their farm. Willem was shot and his wife was brutally assaulted. Willem died on Monday morning.

*17 August 2013: Bloemfontein, Free State: Jackie (69) and Anna (67) Henning were attacked on their smallholding by 3 black men at 1am in the morning. Jackie was attacked with a machete and Anna was assaulted. They were both tied up and their home was ransacked.

*18 August 2013: Maclear, Eastern Cape: An elderly couple was attacked on the road between Tsolo and Maclear while changing a flat tyre. The husband (84) was stabbed with a knife and his wife (61) was assaulted. They were robbed of their cellphone, jewelry and cash. The husband is currently in hospital.

*18 August 2013: Stellenbosch, Western Cape: Jochen Rädel (59)was attacked on his farm. He was assaulted with a pick axe handle and suffered serious head and facial injuries. He was declared brain dead in Monday morning. 

 *18 August 2013: Hazyview, Mpumalanga: Isabel Coetzer (59) was attacked on her farm in the Kiepersol-district by 2 black men. She was severely assaulted tied up and robbed.

*18 August 2013: Sasolburg, Free State: Johan Duvenhage (55), his wife Talitha (55) and their son, Johan jr (33) were attacked at their home at 4pm by 3 black men. They were severely assaulted, tied up and robbed.

*19 August 2013: Kempton Park, Gauteng: Elderly couple, Pikkie and Rina Stassen, both in their 70’s, was found murdered in their home. Pikkie was stabbed to death with a screwdriver and Rina was bound and gagged and suffocated to death. The murderers fled the scene in the couple’s white BMW. 5 Black men have been arrested for their murder.

*19 August 2013: Vermont, Western Cape: An elderly couple was attacked at their home by a gang of 3 black men. They were assaulted and stabbed with a knife.

*19 August 2013: Morningside, Natal: Bill Daly (81) was followed home from the bank and attacked at his home. He was strangled to death and robbed.

*19 August 2013: Valhalla, Gauteng: Andre Kruger was attacked when he arrived home by a gang of black men. He was severely assaulted and is currently in hospital.

*19 August 2013: Randfontein, Gauteng: A family of 4 were attacked at their home in Buffel Street in Greenhills. A father and his 4-year-old son were held up with guns and his parents were severely assaulted. The attackers, 4 black men, fled the scene in a Ford Focus.

*19 August 2013: Pinetown, Natal: A couple was attacked and shot during an attempted highjacking in Albert Street by 4 black men at 3pm. The husband was shot in his stomach and his wife was wounded in her leg. They are both in hospital.

 *19 August 2013: Cape Town, Western Cape: Angela Wasserfal (53) was shot and killed at a traffic light in Nooitgedacht. The shooter intended to kill someone else but shot wildly at various cars. She was hit in the neck and died instantly.

*22 August 2013: Gordon’s Bay, Western Cape: The body of a White female in her 50’s with short, curly red hair, was found naked in the bush. The had been raped.

*22 August 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: Johan Hartzenberg (43) was attacked, assaulted and robbed of 5 vehicles at his motor dealership by a gang of black men.

*23 August 2013: Magaliesburg, Northwest: Louw and Rika Potgieter were attacked on their farm by a gang of black men. They were brutally assaulted and robbed.

*23 August 2013: Witbank, Mpumalanga: A couple was attacked in their home by 3 black men. They were beaten, tied up and robbed.

*24 August 2013: Robertson, Western Cape: Mr. Kulu Clark (92) was murdered in his home by a gang of black men.

*24 August 2013: Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape: An elderly man was attacked in his home and stabbed 18 times by a gang of black men. They stole his vehicle but were caught an hour after the attack in Hankey.

*25 August 2013: Three Rivers, Gauteng: A family was attacked in their home at 2.45am by a gang of black men. They were assaulted, tied up and robbed.

*26 August 2013: Levubu, Limpopo: Ian Meyer was attacked on his farm by 7 Black men. He was stabbed 6 times in his chest and is currently in hospital. 

*27 August 2013: Randfontein, Gauteng: Craig Bailey (32) was murdered in his father’s home during an armed robbery by a gang of black men.

*27 August 2013: Sasolburg, Free State: An elderly man and his family were attacked, assaulted, tied up and robbed in their home in the early hours of the morning by a gang of black men.

*28 August 2013: Bothaville, Free State: Tattie Schoeman (49) and Marius Bester (24) were attacked on their farm by 5 black men in the early hours of the morning. They were assaulted, repeatedly beaten and tied up. The men were looking for weapons and cash.

*28 August 2013: Boksburg, Gauteng: A 16-year-old White girl was attacked and raped by a Black man when she walked home after school.

*29 August 2013: Hanover, Western Cape: Jannie Hills (40) was stabbed to death on his farm in the Welkom distrtict by one of his workers.

*29 August 2013: Klerksdorp, Northwest: Danie Barnard was attacked and assaulted on his farm by 5 black men.

*30 August 2013: Oribi Gorge, Natal: Alaxandra Gritti (51) was was attacked, assaulted and robbed on his farm by 10 black men.

*30 August 2013: Thornville, Natal: Lena-Maria Jackson (63) was attacked on her farm by a gang of black men in the middle of the night. They tortured her with a hot clothes iron and homemade knives and ransacked her home.

*31 August 2013: Waterval Onder, Mpumalanga: Garth Johnson was shot dead on his farm by a gang of black men.


JANUARY 2013: 32 Attacks, 2 Raped, 19 Murdered. 

 FEBRUARY 2013: 17 Attacks, 1 Raped, 13 Murdered.

MARCH 2013: 18 Attacks, 2 Raped, 10 Murdered.

APRIL 2013: 45 Attacks, 10 Raped, 18 Murdered.

MAY 2013: 75 Attacks, 7 Raped, 24 Murdered.

JUNE 2013: 51 Attacks, 2 Raped, 15 Murdered.

JULY 2013: 43 Attacks, 4 Raped, 16 Murdered.

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White South African genocide

Vryheidsfront Plus - Stop Plaasmoorde

Steve Hofmeyr op Plaasmoorde/On Farm murders with English Captions ft. O...


Sunette Bridges

Ai man! Ek sukkel met julle! Die van julle wat nog nie my Nuusblad gaan "Like" het nie, doen dit tog asseblief! Die inhoud is nie dieselfde as op die groep nie...

Die "Likes" is belangrik! Die nuusberigte word so deur 'n baie groter gehoor gelees. Die reikwydte van 'n blad word bepaal deur die hoeveelheid vriende wat die mense het wat by die blad aansluit... Op die oomblik bereik ek so 76000 mense daar en dit moet 7 miljoen word as ons die boodskap wil uitdra van wat in die land aangaan!


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sunette bridges

Ek sien dat nog net 2280 van my vriende op my profiel by my amptelike blad aangesluit het! Ai man! Ek het regtig nodig dat julle daat kom "like" en ook jou vriende na die blad nooi! As die 3000 wat nog nie daar is nie, gaan aansluit, dan is die blad weer 11 000 mense sterk en kan ek weer doen wat ek moet doen! Sx

Photo: Elke dag word daar Boere op plase Vermoor, Aangerand en Verkrag. Ners word daar in Koerante en Tydskrifte melding gemaak van die gebeurtenisse nie. "Boikot Naspers ! Genoeg is Genoeg !" is n Blad wat gestig is om Napers te Boikot. Help daar mee Asb. om nie meer van hul produkte te koop nie of gaan na Sunette Bridges se blad om te sien waaroor dit gaan.

Save the white people in South Africa

We , the law a binding citizens of South Africa. Our elderly are hunted like animals. They get cut to pieces and hacked to death. Our wife’s and daughters get raped, murdered and set a light in their own beds. Our kids as young as nine moths get shot execution style and some of them even get wrapped up in newspaper and set a light. Our daughters as young as twelve get raped and murdered. Our wife’s get raped with broken bottles. In some of these cases, the men get forced to watch while their families die infront of them. These horrible crimes against humanity are hidden from the world. White South Africans face genocide for the second time as a white nation. Apartheid was wrong and the world helped bringing down the evil past but for some reason they turn their backs on the hidden horrors of South Africa today. Now I ask the world for help. Please help our people and bring this criminal system to book. Help us to stop the genocide. Stop the rape, murder and torture of innocent people. The South African government needs to be held responsible for crime against humanity. We pay tax and deserve protection but we still die in huge hidden numbers. Our government needs to face the music. They are the ones inciting violence against white people in public “THE SONG , KILL THE WHITE”. They are the ones excluding white people from the work place. They are the ones refusing financial backup to white homes for the elderly and white orphanages. They are the ones committing crime against humanity by deliberately hiding the horres of South Africa from the world. They are the enemy…Not me speaking out about this.

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Sunette Bridges

 Sunette Bridges

The number of Black on White attacks, rapes and murders to date for 2013!

JANUARY: 32 Attacks, 52 Victims, 1 Raped, 20 Murdered.

FEBRUARY: 20 Attacks, 25 Victims, 1 Raped, 13 Murdered.

MARCH: 20 Attacks, 30 Victims, 1 Raped, 10 Murdered.

APRIL: 46 Attacks, 65 Victims, 8 Raped, 18 Murdered.

MAY: 75 Attacks, 107 Victims, 7 Raped, 24 Murdered.

JUNE: 51 Attacks, 97 Victims, 2 Raped, 15 Murdered.

JULY: 43 Attacks, 77 Victims, 4 Raped, 16 Murdered.

AUGUST: 14 Attacks, 31 Victims, 2 Raped, 5 Murdered.

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Sunette Bridge

Sunette Bridges posted toBoikot Naspers! Genoeg is genoeg!
Goeiemore! Nòg 'n Sondag en nòg 'n Rapport en nie 'n enkele berig oor die 4 moorde deur BARBARE die week op ons mense nie...

*Gerrit Myburgh (79) wat op 5 Augustus in Heidelberg dood gemartel is.

*Attie Cronje wat op 6 Augustus in Germiston doodgeskiet is tydens 'n kaping.

*Janetta van der Walt (60) wat op 6 Augustus in Margate verkrag en vermoor is.

*Hennie Bentley wat op 7 Augustus aangeval is by Vaalrus en gister oorlede is.

...en dan wonder mense steeds hoekom daar gevra word dat ons Naspers moet boikot! ...en hoekom daar van ons mense is wat nie besef hoe ernstig die situasie is nie!

Ek hoop nie jy spandeer vandag jou geld aan Rapport nie! Sx

 Danksy my geduldige man, kon ek uiteindelik 'n "Wall of Remembrance" op my eie webwerf laai. Ek het al die fotos wat reeds in my album op my vorige blad was daar geplaas en byna die die detail. Ek sal dit oor die naweek voltooi en dan weer begin om nuwe fotos by te sit.

Daar sal ook 'n vorm wees waarop mense vir my nog fotos en detail kan stuur om by te voeg!

Volksmoord het 'n gesig en is nie net name op 'n lys van statistieke nie! Sx

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Boere Krisis Aksie (B.K.A.)

Stefanie Mans

Ons vra gebede vir die van Loggernberg familie wat op Vaalrus aangeval is:

Johannes Van Loggerenberg

Sal almal asb vir die Van Loggerenberg familie bid wat aangeval is. Gaan baie sleg met oom Hennie wat geskiet is. Fanus se swaer se skedel is op drie plekke gekraak. Ons dink aan hulle.