Thursday, May 2, 2013


Indications are that the end of my nation is planned soon:
Mandela is reaching the end of his days and it is well known that this will be the signal for the full-scale genocide of whites.
There are rumours of a FEMA concentration camp near Kimberley, United Nations (British, USA and Chinese troops) as well as African Union activity is very visible throughout the country.
Chinese bases have been in use since 2008 south of Sasolburg as well as near Petrus Steyn, while weapons in containers have been offloaded at Durban and taken to a rural depot nearby. This includes mortars and artillery.
Huge preparations are being done for Mandela’s funeral all over the country and especially at Qunu and Mandela’s birthplace, 30 kilometres from there. Contractors have to finalize these preparations by 27th April.
Jacob Zuma's recent "prediction" that he will lead the freedom fighters to their final destination on Freedom Day (April 27)?
Just over a year ago at the ANC's 100-year celebrations in January 2012 Jacob Zuma speared and sacrificed a bull in honor of his ancestors while dancing and singing warned the whites that he and his "cabinet" will shoot the whites with machine guns, and then the whites will run "... We're going to kill them!" he sang. "... We're going to kill them! ... shoot them, they are cowards! They raped! Shoot them, they're dogs! Shoot, shoot, shoot the Boer ... "
All this indicates that the “Great slaughter” of the whites is near.

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