Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Save the white people in South Africa

We , the law a binding citizens of South Africa. Our elderly are hunted like animals. They get cut to pieces and hacked to death. Our wife’s and daughters get raped, murdered and set a light in their own beds. Our kids as young as nine moths get shot execution style and some of them even get wrapped up in newspaper and set a light. Our daughters as young as twelve get raped and murdered. Our wife’s get raped with broken bottles. In some of these cases, the men get forced to watch while their families die infront of them. These horrible crimes against humanity are hidden from the world. White South Africans face genocide for the second time as a white nation. Apartheid was wrong and the world helped bringing down the evil past but for some reason they turn their backs on the hidden horrors of South Africa today. Now I ask the world for help. Please help our people and bring this criminal system to book. Help us to stop the genocide. Stop the rape, murder and torture of innocent people. The South African government needs to be held responsible for crime against humanity. We pay tax and deserve protection but we still die in huge hidden numbers. Our government needs to face the music. They are the ones inciting violence against white people in public “THE SONG , KILL THE WHITE”. They are the ones excluding white people from the work place. They are the ones refusing financial backup to white homes for the elderly and white orphanages. They are the ones committing crime against humanity by deliberately hiding the horres of South Africa from the world. They are the enemy…Not me speaking out about this.


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