Thursday, April 25, 2013

17 white Afrikaner farmers murdered in South Africa thus far in 2013: 13 SANDF died in military campaign Central African Republic

More white farmers are murdered on South African farmers than SANDF soldiers died in military action in Central African Republic – “17 South African farmers were murdered in SA: and 13 SANDF soldiers were killed in Central African Republic. There are more farmers killed thus far this year (17 in 44 farm-attacks in SA since Jan 2013), said Freedom Front Plus party MP Pieter Groenewald (tel 083 627 4397). He slammed the lack of security for South African farmers while the ANC-regime spends millions on an ill-fated military adventure to protect its own financial interests in the Central African Repubic. Groenewald said that more farmers are dying on South African farms from armed-gang activities than SA soldiers died in ‘defence operations’ in the Central African Republic.”The slaughter on farms continues, after Paul Schulte shot dead in Muldersdrift on April 3 2013. “Despite the numerous calls of the Freedom Front Plus on government to declare farm attacks a priority crime, no finger is being lifted to give attention to the matter.In contrast with this, billions of rand are spent on defence equipment and personnel to assist African countries to protect their (financial) interests.To date this year, 17 people have already been murdered in 44 farm attacks in South Africa. These figures were obtained from media reports which have been collected by the Transvaal Agricultural Union’s unit for farm murders, as no other official statistics on farm attacks are being kept. According to these (very understated) figures, 685 people have been murdered in 1 234 farm attacks in the past ten years. In the latest incident, Mr. Paul Schulte, the manager of the popular Heia Safari Resort in Muldersdrift, West of Johannesburg, was shot dead on Tuesday morning while he was on his way to his house. The founder of the resort, Mr. Franz Richter, was also murdered on the farm in 2007.On Sunday, Ms. Liesl Botha, also from Muldersdrift, was overpowered in her home and robbed. Her daughter, Alyssa (13), was shot dead on the plot and her father seriously injured last year.After the tragic death of the 13 South African troops in the Central African Republic (CAR), the government intervened on the highest level and president Jacob Zuma and a senior cabinet minister delegation this week flew to Chad for urgent talks.
The official reason given for South African troop’s presence in the CAR is to help with “training, disarming and demobilising”. The assistance will last until 2018 at a cost of R21 million a month, which would amount to a total of R1,26 billion over five years.”

Mr. Pieter Groenewald, the Freedom Front Plus’ chief spokesperson on Police and Defence, says that government will have to account for the exact reasons for its presence in Africa.”It is understandable that South Africa is involved in other places in Africa for strategic reasons. But is the country’s farming community not one of its biggest strategic interest resources?
“The time has come for government to pay as much time, effort and money to their (the farmer’s) safety and protection as it is paying for its interests abroad,” Groenewald says.
Statement issued by Mr. Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus spokesman on Police, April 3 2013

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