Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Johanna VanDokkum: FarmitrackerAid is now involved in doing a countrywide survey to locate as many destitute whites as they can. People in backyard shanties, in tents, families crammed into one room in overcrowded rental houses, people on smallholdings, these are all 'internal white refugees' under the UN description, as they have no place to ask for help and no place to hide and flee to. These are all listed on as 'white refugee camps' and each individual and each little backyard shack-grouping is important to know about. Please encourage everyone to post as many of these unknown pockets of white poverty on as they can with as much detail as possible for contact. This is an important project so that a better idea can be obtained of the actual number of people we are talking about. The 800,000 total were counted by Helping Hand charity of Solidarity Trade Union back in 2008 and obviously, under the new Broad-Based-Black-Economic-Empowerment act (amended this year), many more 'whites' are now losing their jobs and are on the streets with no place to survive in.

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