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White male, 65 killed execution style Boland Way, Durbanville

White male, 65 killed execution style Boland Way, Durbanville May26

White male shot execution style, Boland Way, Durbanville May 26 2013 between 7-8pm — murder confirmed by official sources:
27 Mei 2013 Philip Bruwer writes: An ‘elderl man was shot dead Sonday evening by a group of armed robbers who grabbed jewellery valued awt R6million in Durbanville (Boland Way). The attackers ran in three vehicles and ambushed a vehicle which was carrying jewellery, reports the Cape Argus. The vehicle a Toyota Quantum was enroute to a private home in Vierlanden after the jewellery was sold at an auction at the Victoria and Albert Waterfront in Cape Town docks area. One of the three vehicles rammed the Toyota from the front while another one blocked it from behind. The gang jumped from the vehicle firing their guns and fled with the jewellery in a third vehicle. The victim, 65, not yet identified but apparently from Kraaifontein, was shot in the head and declared dead at the scene. The (unarmed) driver of the Quantum survived the attack but was too shocked to talk with security officials first on the scene. SAPS capt FC van Wyk confirmec Monday that the victim’s name cannot be published as yet. None was arrested.Anyone with information please call Crime Stop 860010111
Previous Report by Gareth Leyborne: Durbanville:
May272013 — “Firstly I apologise if I offended anyone by not answering your call tonight was rather a hectic evening. OK so here is how the evening unfolded the way I saw it.
A company involved in jewelry auctions was transporting their goods back home from the auction venue unbeknown that they had been targeted for a robbery. The robbers were waiting for them in Boland road. AT 7h40pm as the ToyotoHiAce was driving in Boland Road a blueish Merc rammed the vehicle from the front bringing the toyota to a standstil. There was a second mercedes which then boxed them in from behind. There was a third dark car seen leaving the scene. There was a struggle which led to one person sadly loosing his life.
Its not quite clear but it would appear that the deceased managed to get a shot away possibly injuring one of the robbers. The deceased also had his own firearm removed from his person in this struggle. The robbers all managed to fit into this third car with a couple of bags of items which was removed from the toyota. The vehicle with the robbers then fled the scene. The driver of the toyota was unarmed. There was apparently an escort vehicle with occupants but I never saw them or the vehicle. At around 12h30 the body was removed and the crime scene was cleared.
There was a call 9f a breakin at the Goedemoed SevenEleven and suspect on foot after leaving vehicle behind. On closer examination the car was already cold. This was on fact the vehicle used to flee the scne in Boland (road).
DURBANVILLE GOEDEMOED CPF: pageview pic of incident)

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