Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Facebook muzzles South African human rights campaigner: thus barring information about White Genocide

Facebook muzzles South African human rights campaigner – July 30 2013 – Sunette Bridges, South African human rights campaigner has been highly critical of the powerful South African press group NASPERS over the group’s policy on non reporting of human rights abuses, murders and torture of white minority members in South Africa. Now FACEBOOK is also helping to keep her message out of the public arena.
Since the beginning of 2012 Ms Bridges has been keeping a record of attacks and murders, most of which of go unreported by the mainstream press in South Africa and posting them on FACEBOOK.
FACEBOOK has reacted to complaints, thought to originate from NASPERS and ANC supporters, by deleting her group page and even editing her personal page. She has been under fire since she started publishing the attacks which are proving to be an embarrassment to the ANC Government.

The current controversy is thought to have started when another popular singer, Steve Hofmeyer published an article titled “ My Tribe is Dying like Flies”.
This sparked off a “Boycott Naspers” movement on Facebook which was established on Monday 1 June 2013. The membership numbers jumped to over 7,000 in less than a week to close to 223 by 28 July. Others who have been active in the publishing of victim’s names and criticism of the ANC and NASPERS have also been in the firing line with smear campaigns and even threats directed at their lives.
FACEBOOK has also closed another well known campaigner’s page but it is thought Ms. Bridges, who avoids publishing gruesome pictures but simply keeps a note of basic details of victims is coming in for a more concerted attack to muzzle her because of her popularity. She is the daughter of a well loved local music icon, Bless Bridges who died in 2000 and is regarded by many as a symbol of the Afrikaaner nation. Sunette Bridges is perceived as a brave, outspoken, caring person who is deeply troubled by the relentless slaughter of her people and the fact that it is being covered up, not only by the ruling party but by the press supposedly representing her own people.
Ms. Bridges has been a thorn in the side of the ANC bringing to light the fact that over 69 000 white South Africans have been brutally murdered since 1994 mostly in racially motivated hate killings. Well over 4000 white commercial farmers have been murdered in the same period. It is noteworthy that The attackers seldom spare anyone – even children, babies and the elderly are tortured, raped, castrated, mutilated and often dismembered while still alive – even family pets are mutilated. In some cases, only a few articles are stolen, often – nothing.
For the past 17 months Ms. Bridges has put names, dates and details to the statistics which is attracting attention to the plight of her people.
The NASPERS group was founded in Cape Town in 1915 and is the largest media company in Africa. The group has interests in Internet, Pay TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Books and is very powerful with increasing interests around the world. In 2006, NASPERS invested 422 million USD in the Brazilian media company Abril S.A. The company also has an ADR listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). In 2012 the online retail division of the group, Kalhari reported well over a billion USD in revenue for just 6 months.
NASPERS own Code of Ethics lays out a clear set of guidelines for business practices and employees but there is a noticeable lack of any reference to ethical reporting. It does however state that “Through its various operations, the group wants to be useful to the communities it serves and use its expertise to that end”. There is clearly a dim view taken of any community that does not want to be served by the group.
In South Africa it is virtually impossible to make economic headway without embracing the ANC’s BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) rules which basically exclude whites from the job market.
This policy has resulted in well over a half a million whites becoming destitute and recently the ANC prohibited any companies from offering these people food aid. NASPERS has enthusiastically implemented these policies although, interestingly the senior management is made up of white males only.
NASPERS is also in complete compliance with ANC policy of under reporting black on white violence and the group’s highlighting of the rare incidences of the reverse have not gone un noticed by the white minority. To this end Ms. Bridges took particular offence to an article in a NASPERS’ paper in response to her listings that claimed that white women in South Africa have more to fear from their husbands and boyfriends. She countered this with a detailed list of 55 white women who were brutally murdered by unknown black males since 15 May 2012 to 8 June 2013. Murders that were not reported in the NASPERS press. These include numerous horrific cases that, in any other country would make headlines – reports of elderly women being gang raped, tortured and hacked to death.
The surprise is not that Ms. Bridges is under attack by the powerful, pro ANC NASPERS but by FACEBOOK. A close look at FACEBOOK’s rules does not shed any light on why Ms. Bridges’ group page should have been deleted. It also does not outline any ethical policy that FACEBOOK should adhere to with regards the allowing of the publication of facts concerning what has been deemed by the US organization, Genocide Watch to be a stage 6 genocide of the white minority in SA.
Clearly this feisty woman who has a heart for the survival of her people is up against some very powerful opponents – both government and commercial. These opponents, for a variety of self serving reasons do not want the world to know the truth of what is going on in South Africa. Sadly FACEBOOK is all too happy to join in this scandalous activity and dictate what they think a section of their billion member users should and should not know.


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