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Sunette Bridges


In short:

Red October finds it regrettable that the media chose to run with this ridiculous story before investigating the allegations made by De Wet and, in fact, investigating the very woman they originate from. We believe this to be an attempt by the Media to hide the true facts regarding Farm Murders.

1. The NPA is going ahead with the case against the minor in spite of her “confession”.

2. None of the men she implicated in this confession have been arrested.

3. She claims to have been paid R100 000 for this murder, which, if any of it were true, makes it a contract killing and NOT a Farm Murder.

4. Farm murders are a reality and one woman claiming that she was involved in the Griekwastad-family murder, does not change this.

5. According to De Wet, 39 Charges out of 40 against her were dropped on account of this confession.

6. She has “confessed” to being party to 8 other murders, yet, more than 18 month later, she has not been charged with these murders and her accomplices have not been arrested.

7. She claims to be a Police Informant.

8. She claims to work for National Intelligence.

9. According to an official statement made by the AWB, Cornelia de Wet is not a member of the AWB and the camo-jacket she is sporting is not an AWB uniform.

10. Forensic evidence from the Griekwastad murder scene disproves her entire claim.

Red October never claimed that all white people were saints. We are only too aware of the existence of wacky-white-folk. We know them by name, thanks to the Media giving them such unforgettable nicknames like “Die Modimolle Monster” or “Die Sondag Verkragter” or “Die Skierlik Skieter”.

Red October is also perplexed about the fact that Cornelia De Wet is not undergoing intensive psychiatric evaluation and we are left to wonder why the authorities have not dealt more seriously with this woman and why she is allowed to conduct interviews with the media 17 months after being incarcerated, when it is clear that she has no concept of the truth and is completely out of touch with reality. If one were to believe her story, you would also be forced to believe that she in fact works for the government. Their official reaction to this claim would be most interesting…

Who is Cornelia de Wet?

According to a news article in the Middelburg Observer on October 11, 2012, Cornelia de Wet was arrested on her farm in Carolina at the end of March 2012 for the possession of explosives, high treason, terrorism, planning to overthrow the government, planning to bomb 30 schools, planning to bomb a police station and the possession of unlicensed ammunition.

She claims that she was drawn into a terrorist organization by a group called Leeuwag, who orchestrated several attacks on her and her children on her farm. She claims that they convinced her that she was in danger and should join their “security company”. She also claims that, by the time of her arrest, she was no longer involved in their activities and in fact a “Police Informant”.

According to Leeuwag, a security company, this is devoid of any truth. She approached Leeuwag to offer her services in administration. She made a mess of it and Leeuwag no longer made use of her services.

After her arrest she appeared in the Middelburg Magistrates Court where she made a confession, implicating herself in 8 random murders. She made this confession twice but the Magistrate didn’t believe her far fetched confession and her case was transferred to the Carolina Magistrates court where she made the same confession. To date, none of the men she implicated in this confession have been arrested.

De Wet also claimed to be pregnant at the time of her arrest, but mysteriously “lost” the baby while incarcerated. She accused one of the men she worked with of being the father. She also stated that she had sex with almost all of the men but claimed to know who the father was.

She related this bizarre story to a reporter in October 2012. It is also important to note that the Griekwastad-murders occurred on April 6, 2012.

Other news reports indicate that Cornelia de Wet was again arrested on May 29, 2012 and was, up until her “confession” regarding the Griekwastad-murders, facing 40 charges, varying from possession of explosives to high treason. According to her, 39 of these charges have now been dropped.

Police reports state that De Wet was unable to point out any of the significant places at the Griekwastad murder scene and state that her “confession” is not supported by any of the evidence.

The editor of the Middelburg Observer, who has known De Wet since she was 16, stated that he felt deeply sorry for De Wet as she clearly needs psychiatric treatment. She often arrived at his office, accompanied by her mother, covered in cuts made with razorblades, claiming that they were tortured by black attackers, when it was clear that these cuts were self-inflicted.

An ex-police officer in Mpumalanga states that she is well known for making up stories that lead to many a fruitless investigation.

I’m afraid the objectors to Red October will have to come up with a much better story than this to make us reconsider our position.

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