Tuesday, May 14, 2013

(Gordon) 'Trigger happy' cop sparks racial tension

The Spring Street community in Newlands have laid charges against Warrant Officer Sarel Potgieter.

JOHANNESBURG - There are racial tensions brewing in Newlands between a group of residents and a man they are calling a 'trigger happy policeman'.

A group of mostly coloured residents on Spring Street have laid a complaint against Warrant Officer Sarel Potgieter, saying he's a danger to society.

Potgieter has defended himself and says the community have threatened to kill him in the same way that AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche was killed.

He added that he was the victim and residents have threaten to even rape his wife and daughter.

“If I sell this house, I will sell it to Nigerians. They should leave me alone and don’t tell me that my wife and daughter will be raped.”

At least ten residents have signed statements saying they believe Potgieter is a danger to their community.

Resident Veronique Buys said her dog was shot and killed by Potgieter last week and she has collected statements from other neighbours who have accused the policeman of being a troublemaker who's quick to pull out his gun even in front of children.

Buys laid an official complaint against Potgieter because she said the community was tired of feeling intimidated and threatened by him.

It's reported that the shooting occurred after the dog fought with another dog.

Residents also claim that Potgieter has used pepper spray on residents in the past and would run out of his home with a gun in his hand when someone annoyed him.

She said, “People can’t walk around here or talk loud because it seems he's got a problem with it.”

The police officer admitted killing the dog but he said he did so because it killed another dog and it has been aggressive towards several people, including him.

Gauteng police are investigating the matter.

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