Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Black racism exported from SA targets Afrikaners
Black Racism is rife in South Africa – moreover the country’s own president is exporting his personal brand of black-racism worldwide, spreading his anti-white hate message amongst well-organised ‘black-consciousness groups’. Yet this tsunami of anti-white, black-racist hatespeech, calling for the genocide of whites, is also getting so much worse because it is being ignored by most of the news media.
This “Shoot the Boer” and “Kill the Boer’ genocidal black-racist hatespeech – sung by South African president Jacob Zuma at the all-important 100th anniversary of their ruling African National Congress party – has kicked off a wave of rapes, armed attacks and murders of whites in South Africa: and a local criminologist website is placing all these atrocities on record; yet terrified of reprisals, these white criminologists also refuse to be identified publicly. The ANC-brand of anti-white hatespeech is also spreading rapidly to other continents by internationally-funded ‘black-consciousnessness groups’ such as Blackwash. It is often reported amongst the more than 1-million Afrikaners who have already fled into exile to some 48 countries, that they are often are targetted with such racism overseas, too; and discriminated against because they are white South Africans.
Video Source – Jacob Zuma sings “Kill the Boer”
In South Africa, Black South African leaders chant their genocidal songs of hatred – while they also lavish themselves with high salaries, perks and fraudulent government tender-deals: they are turning the white minority into scapegoats to counter-act the growing, seething anger from their black voters… (related: Jacob Zuma’s son in money morass)
Anti-ANC demonstrations countrywide
As South Africa is increasingly being plunged into daily anti-ANC demonstrations countrywide, worsening more each day as the economy is imploding and unemployment soars, black South African leaders are finding convenient scapegoats in the very small minority of whites and Asians in the country. Increasingly, these two hard-working minorities are being blamed for the entire country’s woes; in the first quarter of 2012, the country’s enemployment rate rose to 25.2%: in other words one-quarter of the entire working population now is jobless and has no hope of finding any employment. “Afrikaners are worried about the state of governance in South Africa”, ANC treasurer general Mathews Phosa said on Wednesday 9 May 2012. after the party held a ‘brainstorming session’ with pro-ANC Afrikaner groups to try and garnish more Afrikaner votes in the next election.
Statistics SA’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey noted that the total number of unemployed people now stood at 4.5million This report is at Fin24. The full Survey can be downloaded at StatsOnline. Yet the country’s government employees have awarded themselves huge salary increases – which contributes greatly to the downward economic spiral. The anti-ANC rioting is breaking out all across the country – also for the most part these daily riots hardly get a mention in the SA news media."

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