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New Black Panthers chants “One Settler One Bullet” with PAC

Chawn Saddam Kweli of the New Black Panthers Party ( NBPP) reports on Black Power radio (Broadcast at: Tue, April 2, 2013), admitting that the NBPP now have new parties in both South Africa, visiting the PAC and Zimbabwe (ZANU-PF) after their South Africa visit.

Curiously members of the original Black Panther Party have dismissed Comrade Malik Shabazz’s New Black Panther outfit as “illegitimate” and even sued them for use of the name arguing that they operate on the basis of “hatred of white people”. That’s why they fit in snugly with the PAC and Zanu PF.

The NBPP is classified as a hate group in the US, and was in the news on various occasions regarding hate speech and voter intimidation in the US. Read more here to get an overview of their “Historic” South African visit.

The title of the radio program with various speakers is called: National Report: NBPP Azania (South Africa)

The radio intro starts with Khalid Muhammed’s tirade about killing white South African women, children, old people and gays, and referring to whites as “crackers”. The term “Devil” is also used generally in conversations to describe whites specifically. The NBPP recently returned from a tour of South Africa to meet up with the PAC and Zanu-PF parties in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The aim was to establish business relationships with the end goal of getting African-Americans to move to South Africa away from the “oppression” in the US. This is disregarding the fact that most African Americans are from Central and North Africa as these countries were the origins of slaves to America. Kweli stated that “all” black South Africans in the “motherland” refers to South Africa as “Azania”.

Chawn Kweli further states using typical propaganda rhetoric, also propagated by the ANC government, that 12% to 13% of the white minority control the country and is the reason for black “enslavement”. This is evidence that the SA government is also guilty in spreading hate used by groups to further their ideologies in South Africa by targeting the small white minority similar to what the Nazi’s did with the Jews Pre-1939. What makes this US “nobody” Black Panther party dangerous in South Africa is because South Africa’s race relations is at an all time low, which in Marxist talk makes it ripe for a revolution. These opportunists are spreading hate to many people looking for a glimpse of hope, by winning willing followers by using cheap promises of a better life.

Kweli said that the land belong to blacks, and that whites “stole” the land. Similar as what ANC stalwart, now expelled ANC youth leader Malema said that “whites are criminals”. During this time it was warned that this rhetoric of BLT (Black Liberation Theology) is coming from the US, and infiltrating main stream politics up to SA government level.

American Black Liberation Theology and Pan Africanism differs on various aspects but one of the main focus areas of American BLT is of the desctruction and annihilation of the “white devil”. This was brushed off as just “normal” black liberation “talk”,by an editor of a certain well known Afrikaans newspapers about 2 years ago. It is evident that these black American nationalists had links with Malema and other’s within the ANC long before they came to visit South Africa to re-kindle their hatred of an “old” enemy, by grooming those allies once the ANC gained power. They are using black South Africans as puppets to further their American liberation idiology which follow BLT teachings like James Cone, Marcus Garvey and Jeremiah Wright. Further reading: Barack Obama, Reverend Wright and Black liberation theology (BLT)

In South Africa the small minority is killed and murdered at a high rate. More than 3000 mostly Afrikaner farmers, families and workers were tortured and murderd on their farms and small holding. Afrikaners are mosty Christian Protestants of Dutch, German, French, English and various other European nations. Nearly 70 000 whites were murdered since 1994 and in the recent Star newspaper it was reported that: “52% of crimes are NOT REPORTED – 1,000 plus murders a year are NOT REPORTED. That is beside the fact that of those that are reported… are never even investigated. This New Black Panther Party comes at a time where any encouragement to murder will escalate further against the Afrikaner minority fighting for survival. The NBPP is known for openly asking for the murder of whites in the US.

The New Black Panther Party hate group was in direct contact with many key players in South Africa including “Andile Mngxitama”, chairman of BlackWash, and policy advisor of the “Foundation of Human Rights“. Mngxitama is known for his black nationlistic views, including rhetoric on American Liberation Theology like the flawed idea that only white’s are racist, while black people are incapable of such human traits. He is the writer of “Black’s cannot be racist”. Mngixitama says on his Facebook page regarding the NBPP…” I want to go on record and say i support all black struggles”.

Malik Zulu Shabazz, chairman on the NBPP personally also thanks “BlackWash” in the radio program.


Malik Shabazz further acknowledge that the NBPP are sponsoring an orphanage in “Kliptown, South Africa”.

Malik Shabazz said that the Soweto Black Panthers Party which is part of the Tshwane region was started by women, and another delegation going to Zimbabwe to further the Black Panthers Party there. In Zimbabwe he met with Robert Mugabe and they spoke about issues, some of which he said can mention, and others not. Shabazz says that there will be another visit to South Africa in June 2014 with 200 groups invited from the US and across Africa that will include Churches and other organisations.

The NBPP also supports Zanu-PF in the up and coming elections to fight against “those British bastards” that stole land. Shabazz supports the Mugabe program of “Indiginization”, which is forcing one culture to adapt another culture referring to white farmers and western culture needing to adapt to African culture. In order to do that they will have a worldwide webcast in the next 60 days to get support for the party of Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party.

A source close to Chris Sankara (real name Prince Mathebula) which is a PAC and APLA commander is named as the founder of the Black Panthers in South Africa. On his Facebook page it also states ‘he worked at Black Panthers”. Earlier the week an ad was put up to ask Panthers to spread the word of a rally at the Voortrekker monument giving the date 30 March at 2PM. No year date was given. The Panthers are planning a trip to South Africa next year (2014), also the year of the South African elections. The NBPP wants to build up support for the PAC by starting off their campaign with rallies. Then, as with Zanu-PF, ”support” the PAC closer to the elections in order to get more votes for the PAC. According to the Constitution of South Africa elections must occur in April–July 2014.

Shabazz took calls from callers calling in with questions regarding their trip. The next trip is promised to be bigger with a more clear vision to help allies. The broadcast is ended with African liberation songs which Shabazz says unfortunately cannot be understood because the white man “stole” their language and culture.

On Malik Shabazz’s Blog he talks and shows pictures of his time in South Africa.

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